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Private Photoshoot

Let's push the boundaries of portrait photography and create a surreal, dreamlike art piece under the water that is both personal and magical!

Whether you're looking for a flattering maternity session, unique family portraits, or a striking underwater photoshoot themed around your children's hobbies and interests, Liquid Pix creates unique and personalised art worth displaying.

How It Works

These private sessions are all about you, and I will take care of all the details from start to finish.

Let’s Plan

My individual shoots...

:earn To Swim and Organisations

For Organisations

We offer underwater photography to Learn-to-Swim schools, Aquatic Events and Club nights. I work hard to ensure that my photography services are an asset to your organisation, not a distraction.

Unlike other underwater photography companies, I don't hire contractors or outsource to a team. Every photograph is taken by me, so you can trust the quality and consistency of working with a trusted partner.

At Liquid Pix, we want everyone to have a great time in the pool while having access to vibrant, happy memories at an affordable cost. I'm passionate about capturing happy...