For Organisations

We offer underwater photography to Learn-to-Swim schools, Aquatic Events and Club nights. I work hard to ensure that my photography services are an asset to your organisation, not a distraction.

Unlike other underwater photography companies, I don't hire contractors or outsource to a team. Every photograph is taken by me, so you can trust the quality and consistency of working with a trusted partner.

At Liquid Pix, we want everyone to have a great time in the pool while having access to vibrant, happy memories at an affordable cost. I'm passionate about capturing happy memories, not making a hard sell. Swim schools appreciate my genuine, friendly approach when communicating with parents. Just like you, I know their satisfaction comes first.

I am a Blue Card holder and as a Mother myself, the safety of all my children is my top priority.


On the day, parents can provide a team member with their contact details if they wish to have their child photographed. No bookings or permission is required prior to Liquid Pix visit. Only those children of Parents or Guardians who have given permission, will be photographed on the day.

Photos in Minutes

My LTS sessions are done during lessons and I work quickly to take multiple photos of each child in just a few minutes. Then they can go straight back to their lesson and your staff can continue to do what they do best!

Underwater Cues

I have been photographing underwater portraits for 8 years and I love the exciting challenge of working with large groups. With my unique experience in posing and cuing kids underwater, I know exactly how to capture adorable, fun photos - all within minutes!

Safe and Personal

I take a hands-on approach that matches each child's unique swimming abilities. This is a great oppurtunities to show off their swimming skills! We can even photograph babies and toddlers - underwater photography is perfect for all ages and submersion is the only skill that a child needs to know.

Digital Gallery

Parents will receive a link and password within 3 weeks where they can view only their child's photos. The private gallery can be viewed on any device and parents have the opportunity to purchase high resolution digital files and various products that make beautiful displays and keepsake gifts.

There is no obligation to purchase. It's completely free to browse the gallery and see your child's face under the water.

If you have further questions, please contact us here.